Acts: On Mission

Acts: On Mission
January 2018

Sermons in this series

Acts: On Mission
Sun, Jan 14, 2018
Duration:39 mins 57 secs
As we journey through Acts 13, Pastor Chad point out how Paul & Barnabas could have remained in the Church of Antioch. The Church was built up, steady, predictable and safe. Yet Paul & Barnabas chose to obey the Holy Spirit, even though it meant leaving a place that was very comfortable to them. In Pt. 2 of On Mission. Learn how Satan opposes the work of God like he did in Cyprus in Acts 13 through a man named Bar-Jesus. Be encouraged if Satan is trying to hinder you, because it means you are living life on mission!
Acts: On Mission
Sun, Jan 07, 2018
Duration:1 hr 1 mins 16 secs
How do you know when the Holy Spirit is speaking to you? According to Acts 13:1-3, the Holy Spirit set apart Paul and Barnabas. In Pt. 1 of On Mission, Pastor Chad point out how the Church of Antioch was engaged in Prayer, Fasting and Worshping the Lord. Because they had these priorities right, they heard the Holy Spirit speak. Many believers are frustrated because they rarely sense the Holy Spirit speaking in their lives. When Christians begin to pray, fast and worship the Lord in a right way, then the Holy Spirit will speak into our lives.

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